Advance Praise

The Empty Bed

Nina Sadowsky weaves another thrilling chapter of the Burial Society series that mixes classic Hitchcock conspiracy with modern noir sexual tension. Sadowsky's characters exude a razor sharp wit that yanks you along on an adventure that keeps you guessing until the glorious conclusion. 

Ted Sullivan

Writer/Producer "Riverdale"

A sly, wry look at privilege and the price it can exact, THE EMPTY BED sends the operators of the Burial Society on a globe-trotting, jet-setting quest to avenge some of society's most pressing ills. Nina Sadowsky thrills again with her filmic vision of a troupe of unlikely superheroes--ordinary women and men whose lives went just wrong enough that setting things right may be their only hope. For their own salvation...and those of the people who need them most.

Jenny Milchman

USA Today bestselling author of Cover of Snow and Wicked River

Who better to find a missing woman than an expert in making people disappear? Flawless prose, a compelling premise, and textured settings that become characters in their own right. There is no more sleep once you crawl into THE EMPTY BED. Unputdownable.

K.J. Howe, international bestselling author of SKYJACK

An addictive, page turning thriller, THE EMPTY BED,  perfectly balances suspense and character intrigue, futher exanpanding the mysteries of Catherine, and her secret witness protection organization.  Set all over the world, Sadowskys writing does not disappoint, as her pages are glossed and vibrant and impossible to put down”


Cathy Konrad, Producer of SCREAM and WALK THE LINE


The Burial Society

“Addictive! Sadowsky’s story moves at breakneck speed to its shocking conclusion. You won’t be able to put it down!”

Laura Griffin

New York Times best-selling author of THE TRACER SERIES

"A deeply unsettling, compulsively entertaining Rubik's cube of a novel. Every time you think you've unlocked the puzzle, Sadowsky introduces a new twist that makes you start guessing all over again. As complex as it is terrifying, THE BURIAL SOCIETY is a voyeur's dream, laying bare the best and worst of human nature.”

 Michelle Richmond

 New York Times best-selling author of THE MARRIAGE PACT

"THE BURIAL SOCIETY is the devil on your shoulder, seducing you with every sharp twist and turn. From its killer premise through its chilling climax, this book picks at the scars of family tragedy with a perfectly manicured nail, leaving you guessing until the very end.” 

 Alexi Hawley

 writer and executive producer of CASTLE and THE FOLLOWING

“I flat out loved it. THE BURIAL SOCIETY is wonderful fiction. Nina Sadowsky really understands the art of the thriller.”

Robin Swicord


“A thoroughly engrossing exploration of a family’s tragedy and the stranger who enters their lives on a dangerous mission to help them resolve a devastating mystery. Intriguing and sexy with layers of betrayals, secrets, and surprising twists.”

Julie Plec

writer and producer of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES

“Novelist Nina Sadowsky's deft prose and clear understanding of her genre, make for a thrilling roller coaster of a read!”

Nicole Yorkin

writer and producer of THE KILLING

“Addicting and chilling. Set in the worlds of both the dark net and Paris, populated with unreliable narrators, it’s a smart, sophisticated, terrifying trip to the City of Light.”

Susan Elia MacNeal

New York Times best-selling author of THE MAGGIE HOPE SERIES

“Sadowsky dances on a razor-thin line of tension as an avenging angel — a woman you'd never want to cross — tracks a dangerous psycho-killer in a terrifying journey that keeps you turning the pages.”  

Tom Avitabile

best-selling author of GIVE US THIS DAY, THE DEVIL'S QUOTA and THE EIGHT DAY

“A unique style, a fast pace, a Parisian setting, and a myriad of intriguing, puzzling characters make The Burial Society impossible to put down. Sadowsky uncovers dark and hidden secrets as she skillfully unravels the façade of a picture-perfect family.”

Susan Crawford


“THE BURIAL SOCIETY is a twisty, deeper and deeper, can't-let-go read!  The heroine fears trusting anyone in her struggles to help abused and endangered women in the world of secrets and shadows.  A dynamite psychological thriller by a new master of the genre.”

Karen Harper

New York Times best-selling author of FALLING DARKNESS

Just Fall

"What a terrific novel! JUST FALL arrived in the mail this morning and I read the book at one sitting, which I haven't done in years.  Nina Sadowsky’s premise is original. here voice is clear, her storytelling skills are remarkable, and her pacing is perfect.  I may have to sit down and read this one again. "

 Sue Grafton

 New York Times #1 best-selling author

"Character rich and compulsively readable, Nina Sadowsky's JUST FALL is a marvelous surprise. Exploring the universal need for family and human connection and the cost incurred when those bonds are severed, JUST FALL takes the reader on a wild ride through the psyches of two  damaged people who hope to find redemption in one another.  This novel is a winner."       

Diane Keaton

actress and author 


"A devilish tale of love, lies and betrayal. Sadowsky twists our most cherished romantic fantasies and exposes them to be frightening facades hiding terrifying secrets.  Prince Charming, dream weddings and "happily ever after" are never what they appear to be in this wickedly fun crime drama. GONE GIRL meets BODY HEAT, packed with all the sex intrigue you want but never in the way you expect!" 

 Ted Sullivan

 writer and producer of REVENGE, SUPER GIRL


"JUST FALL is a novel to relish -- smart, tense, sexy as hell, with writing that sweeps you up and away, somehow managing to weave seamlessly between the past and present. In Ellie we see the making of a femme fatale as we never have before. Neither a psychopath, nor the tired "good girl turned bad," Ellie is truly a modern everywoman. Her love for Rob brings her face to face with her dark side, and it is immensely satisfying to watch her embrace it.  Ellie and Rob's relationship is a thrilling metaphor for the pleasures and perils of intimacy." 

Michelle Raimo Kouyate



"A chilling story exploring the fine lines between love and hate, good and evil, JUST FALL is a wild ride of unnerving twists and turns right up to the last page!." 

Andrea Kane

New York Times best-selling author

"Fast paced, sexy, creepy, JUST FALL is a smart and slick read of pure, disturbing deliciousness! I couldn't put it down and was sorry to see it end. If you're a fan of suspense, this is a MUST READ!"

Pamela Falk




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