How JUST FALL Came To Be


I have been a voracious reader of books my whole life.  And a writer too, although my studies and my career have taken me in many different directions: dancer, lawyer, executive, producer, screenwriter, director, teacher.  But I reached a point when my love of writing was eroding.  I had accomplished a lot in film and television, but my voice felt increasingly silenced in an industry that is male dominated.


I started this book to reclaim my love of writing.  I wrote largely on weekends while balancing a full teaching schedule at USC's School of Cinematic Arts, as well as other projects.  Sundays were my best writing days because my husband, son and stepson hunkered down for football and I could escape to my desk. I wrote the book without thinking of outcome, but purely to release my howling voice.  It was thrilling and liberating to do so.


When I gave my first draft to a few friends for feedback, I was gratified and astonished by their passionate responses.  Within a matter of weeks I had my excellent representatives in place and a deal with Ballantine, under the stewardship of the brilliant editor Kate Miciak.  My work with her has enriched the manuscript in every way.


Dreams do come true.

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