Book Club Invites & Postcards

Use these postcards as fun digital or print notes from abroad or use them to spice up a book club invite. Scroll through the below PDF to explore the four different postcard options. Download the document by clicking the icon the third from the top right. You can type a note directly into the downloaded form or handwrite the card after printing. Delete the post it notes with insturctions before you print your cards.


Printing: Print the postcard or cards you want to use (choose the correct page numbers that correspond to desired cards). The print button is the fourth icon from the top right. You can also print after downloading the card. You can print the front and back on opposite sides of the same sheet of paper to make your postcard.


To download select postcards from the PDF: Visit and upload the dowloaded postcard PDF. Click "Select pages to extract" and select the front and back of the postcard or cards you want to use and click "split PDF." 

To include in the body of an email: export the file as a JPEG. You can then include that image in your email. You will need to save both pages (the front and back of the card) as JPEGs and attach both images. 


If you have any other questions feel free to email me at

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